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Our Apple Support team will help you with almost all of the apple products. Furthermore you get instant tech help for all software issues and complete diagnosis for hardware problems. Great online help for your Apple devices, and you can rely on us for the best services. We ensure to diagnose the issues accurately to give you the right cause of the problem. Since we also have the great knowledge for the Apple hardware, hence you get the best advise ever.

Some of the most common issues you face are discussed below.

Having Email is issues, don’t worry, contact us and get the best Apple Support, including mobile devices. We help you restore the normal email functionality, so that you enjoy sending and receiving emails right-away. Ask an Apple Support expert for more help, we advise you not to make too many wrong attempts to fix it. Rather if you have no clue how to go about this, talk to an specialist.

Furthermore, you may also have wifi problems, due to some unknown reasons, therefore discuss what’s going on. You may have hard time with the safari(Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod etc), because it is unable to connect to any of the websites, talk to our Apple phone number.

Need Apple Support? talk to us

Apple Support

  • You may also have billing, order related or other payment issues with the Apple ID, we can advise the best steps to overcome this.
  • Unable to turn on your Apple devices, or simple stuck at the activation page, no worries contact our Apple helpline for quick help.
  • Need help discussing something else? so call, leave us a message or chat with an expert live.

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Get Apple Support, Update the latest iOS 11, fix involuntary restarting issues(iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch)

A recent update to the iOS 11 causing mobile devices to restart involuntarily. This issue is caused by the recent iOS 11 bugs. Apple has already released the fix, so if you are the one who has this issue, go to settings > general > software update and update your mobile devices(iPad, iPhone and iPod touch) to the latest iOS. Talk to our Apple Support for instant help. We highly recommend that you have at least 80% of the charge before updating to the latest iOS. Make regular backups to either iCloud or to the iTunes to avoid any data loss. Keeping your iOS upto date certainly improves the functionality and overall experience.  

Received Suspicious or fraudulent Emails, Check with our Apple Support

At times it is difficult to find how genuine the promotional email is. So here is what you need to keep in mind, If you ever get such suspicious email about the purchase or subscription to(Netflix, iTunes, Xbox), the first thing you must do to confirm any charge, is to check with your bank. Later you can forward that email to or your can also talk to our Apple Support team.

Other situations like, you received email notification about updating iCloud details and apple id password reset. Find if that’s genuine, contact our Apple support right away. We also advise you not to share any personal information with such kind of emails.

Apple Support

Safari stuck with warning page(virus, hacked), how to fix it?

This is because your browser may be infected with the adware, malware or some bogus page. So you may also have difficulty closing this page. It might say that if you close this page, this will delete or you lose all data, which is absolutely fake. So all you need to do is, click on the apple logo on the top left corner and then go to the “Force Quit”. Highlight safari or other web browsers and force quit them. Afterwards press and hold down the shift key and then click on safari, once it opens make sure to clean browsing data. You can also run 

CCleaner( Mac users, try running malwarebytes scanner as well.

Apple Support

So for manual cleaning, open safari, on the top left side click on safari then choose clear history and website data. If you have the older version of Mac OS, choose reset safari and ensure to check all boxes. Contact Apple UK help to clean it more efficiently. If you are using iPad, iPhone or iPod, follow these steps.

Tap settings, on the left side go down and then click on Safari. Now on the right side, all the way down click on clear history and website date. Talk to our Apple Support UK and find the best support for your Apple devices.

Ask our Apple Support, do I need Antivirus or Malware protection on Mac?

Apple Support

This is really a controversial topic, here are things you need to know about your Mac security.

  • Apple updates its softwares regularly to fix bugs and overcome security challenges. Since Mac OS X is designed on the Unix platform, it is actually little tough to be tricked.
  • Mac OS does not allow installation of apps outside the app store without the user consent. This is because of gatekeeper( apps outside the apps store are not singed by the Apple). Hence most the time you know which ones to allow.
  • It is also believed that, since Mac does not have that big market share as windows, crooks usually don’t focus on targeting these machines.
  • Now just to be on a safer side, what we feel is to have something extra(antivirus) for your mac. An antivirus software, can be a good option to monitor those malicious email and other files.
  • A good example of a reasonable and sophisticated antivirus is Bitdefender for Mac. Bitdefender has been tested to have zero negative impact on the performance.
  • Last but not the least, stay protected and check our website and Mac Support team for the latest updates and tips.

Apple Support

Fix iCloud email, app-specific password

Apple has recently made some changes in the security settings of your Apple ID. So here is what you need to know.

  • For the iCloud email address on the windows mail, outlook thunderbird, you must delete and reconfigure them using app-specific password.
  • You may also experience intermittent issue if you have not updated your email clients yet to app-specific password.
  • For those who haven’t enabled two factor authentication, this is what you need to do.
  • On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 9 or later:
    1. Go to Settings and sign in, if necessary.
    2. Click on your Apple ID.
    3. Tap Password & Security.
    4. Tap Turn On Two-Factor Authentication.

    On your Mac with OS X El Capitan or later

    1. Go to  > System Preferences > iCloud
    2. Sign in if necessary, then click Account Details.
    3. Click Security.
    4. Click Turn On Two-Factor Authentication.
    A device passcode is required to turn on two-factor authentication.
  • After the two factor authentication is enabled, you need to sign out and log back in. Afterwards follow these steps, in the security area under app-specific password click on generate password. Once the box pops up, put in the name of the app or email client. The last step is to click on create and you will see the unique password. Remember not to put the dashes(-) and the password box, also password is case sensitive. Finally you are ready to use your app-specific password. Please leave us your questions from the contact us tab about the app-specific password. For more information about app-specific password please call our Apple Support UK.

Keep out of Activation lock, keep your Apple ID updated

Update your Apple ID with the current email address. So that if you want to sign in or need help resetting the apple id password it happens real time. Did you know that resetting apple id password just takes 5 minutes. So we advise you to keep your following details up-to date.

  • Please remember to keep your current card on the Apple ID, here is what you need to do. Login to the Apple id page( and update the new card and the address if required. So log in to the Apple id page, scroll to the bottom under billing section. Here click on the edit tab and put the new details, don’t forget to save.
  • You must also update your recovery email address and current mobile number. Speak to our UK Apple Support and find how you can quickly and conveniently do it.

Quick help with Gmail on Mac Mail and iOS

  • Since the older versions of the Apple Mail or email apps would not meet the current security standards, hence google(gmail) may block the sign in.
  • Check for software update regularly and keep your Mac operating system or the mobile iOS upto date.
  • Due to the may factors either your hardware is too old to be upgraded or you simply do not want to go with the latest software, hence find the alternate option, talk to our UK Apple Support.
  • You may need to enable “allow access for less secure apps”. Open any of the web browsers and login into the current gmail account. In the same browser open a new tab and go to this link to allow access for less secure apps.

Now if you have two factory authentication enabled on the gmail account either you turn it off or use app-specific password. For more information on this you can contact our Apple Support helpline. You may not be able to see this above screen if you have two factor authentication enabled, rather Such accounts require an application-specific password for less secure apps access.

UK Apple Support & Help with Apple ID, iTunes and iCloud

  • So in order to reset your Apple ID password head to( , new users contact our Apple Support team.Apple Support
  • Since we also understand that you may have difficulty to create new Apple id, so go to and then click create new Apple ID at the top right.

Updating details with your Apple ID is easy and convenient; therefore sign into the current Apple id to make the relevant changes. Also update your Apple ID with your new email address. To discuss with the Apple team over the phone, contact Apple Support. Before you update the email address, sign-out of the iCloud from all Apple devices. Go to the settings then tap on the iCloud and all the way down click on sign-out. On the next page decide things you need to keep. For relevant information talk our Apple Support.

Verify your recovery email address with the Apple ID

For issues like Apple id is locked out or disabled, so all you need is to enter the required details. Now you have two choices, either you can reset by email or by answering the security questions. For the issues you don’t find solutions on this page call Apple Support Phone Number. Talk to our Apple support experts one to one. Schedule an appointment by sending your details from the contact us page. Calling our Apple Support team would the best option, since it is toll free. 

Mac app store won’t load, just have a blank screen

Have you ever come across a situation, where you either have a blank screen on the Mac App Store or it won’t load? So here is a little advise for you, do the NVRAM reset. In order to do this, make sure you have shut down your mac completely. Now, press and hold down these keys simultaneously (Command+Opt+R+P), and then press the power button once, keep holding down the keys until you hear the start-up sound twice. NVRAM(nonvolatile random-access memory), is very small amount of memory, used by your mac to store some the settings. For example, sound, display, resolution, startup disk and many more. Therefore resetting NVRAM could resolve some the most common issues related Mac app store, operating system and other apps related issues. After this step if you still have issues with the App Store, then we advise you to check with our Apple Support team.

Other Mac Mail issues(Yahoo, BT, Sky, talktalk, hotmail etc) Dial our Apple support phone number

Did you know that restarting your Apple devices could resolve most of its issues? So when your Mac mail stops working, don’t panic. First of all close all the application and restart the device and try again. If you don’t feel comfortable trying the steps yourself, we suggest you rather speak to our Apple Support team. Since there are several other factors to impact emails functionality as well. You may also find the list of main reasons below.Apple Support

  • Due to the weak and internet connection, or no internet connection.
  • Slight changes in the router settings or any recent update.
  • Antivirus or other firewall blockage.

Furthermore, other reasons, like recent changes in the password or server settings. Operating system or current update could also cause disaster at times. Hence contact our Apple Support to diagnose the root cause of the issue. The best way to fix an issue is to have one to one session, ask our Apple support team.

Easy set up for email providers like Google, AOL, BT, and Yahoo and Outlook. All you need is simply delete the email accounts and them again. In case you don’t know the username and password, verify using web browser.

Set up POP/IMAP email, discuss with our Apple Support

Other POP/IMAP email accounts could be pain at times. So this is very important that you have the correct mail server settings. Hence dial our Apple support phone number and speak to an Apple Support specialist for a quick fix. You may need to contact your service provider to find port numbers, username and the password. You also require some other server settings like SSL and TLS for quick set up. Mac or a mobile device users, you must make regular backups, in case restore needed. If you tried your best and nothing works, we advise you to contact our Apple Support Phone number. To avail best solution speak to a member of our Apple Support UK.

You may also experience email issue due to the sever problems. So we advise you to check with the service provider, before making too many attempts. Also, when you don’t have time and need a quick solution, talk to a member of our Apple Support. You may also write to our Apple Support help from contact us page.

Keep your devices updated and secure, update to the latest Apple Software regularly

Both Mac and mobile users(iPad, iPhone iPod etc), before you upgrade to the latest software.

  • Make latest time machine backup, just in case you need to rollback.
  • Mobile users either back up your devices using iTunes or iCloud.
  • Our advise is to wait and watch for the bugs fix, just for couple more months and upgrade them.
  • If you have difficulty doing so or you got stuck in the process, hence contact our Apple Support.

Mail issues on Apple mobile devices Contact Apple Support UK

First of all, you should try the soft reset by holding power and the home button simultaneously. Also update iPad/iPhone to the latest software, because that gives more security to the mail clients. Check with our Apple support phone number, for fast support. Go to the settings, tap on the mail(iOS 11 goto accounts and passwords) as an option on the left side. On the right side click on the account and delete it. Add the email account again with correct credentials. Now if you don’t know the Mail sever settings, please contact our iPad Support Help.Apple Support

Unable to print or scan? talk to an Apple Support experts

Did you know that printing could be affected due to a small glitch in the printer driver? network or the printer’s fault, hence call our Apple support phone number to find the best solutions. Since changes made in the network or router could even stop it to work. For the wireless printing check if the printer and device are on the same network. Mac users go to system preferences and look for printers and scanners if they have no issues. You would also need to verify that the correct printer is listed in the system preferences. Discuss the best way with our Apple Support helpline.

If you don’t see it, please try to remove the printer and add it again. Please install the most recent or the latest version of the printer software. Contact our Apple Support Phone number UK to if you are still not able to fix the issues.

Mac running slow and freezing? Contact Apple Support and find the cause

Apple Support

Things don’t look right, also you see the beach ball instead of the mouse pointer.

There are many reasons why your Mac runs slow or you have beach ball.  Few points below that explains the major cause of slow or clogged Mac.

  • One or more applications has gone faulty, stopped working or have become unresponsive.
  • Also If the amount of memory in the system is low, talk to our Apple Support Help.
  • There are too many applications running at the same time. 
  • Also there is hardly any disk space left on the Machine.
  • The operating system is corrupted or cluttered. For fast and the most reliable support contact our Apple Support.

Improve the Mac performance, best steps to TuneUp your Mac

Apple Support

We advise you to follow the next steps, only if the first one did not resolve the issue!

  1. Close any not responding apps by this process. Click on the Apple menu, go to force quit and highlight the app which is not responding. You may lose unsaved data if you force quit an app.
  2. Turn off your Mac and then restart it in the safe boot( press and hold the shift key, press the power button once and keep the shift key down unless you are on the login screen). The best way to find if the Mac has turned into the safe mode is look at top right side on the login screen, it must say Safe boot in red. Now that’s when you login, and as soon as you get to the desktop just restart the Mac.
  3. Now in the utilities folder open the disk utility and run the first aid or disk repair. You should keep your trash bin empty for the optimum performance. Run the most trusted Cleaning software CCleaner(, to make your Mac clutter-free. 
  4. Reinstall a new copy of OS X, please ensure that you back up your personal files and folders on an external drive.

Is your Mac sluggish? and the Apps not responding

Now you already know that the reason for the beach ball, so if you simply wanted to close the unresponsive app, Hold down Command KEY + Option KEY and then press Esc KEY once. Here you can force quit the not responding app. Contact our Apple Support team for best solution.

iPad, iPhone or iPod screen freezes or apps crash, talk to Apple Support

Apple Support Phone Number

  • Most of these issues are due to the faulty or corrupt operating system. Below are some of the basic steps to fix them.
  • Try soft reset, by holding home button and power button simultaneously, until you see an Apple logo.
  • Check for any new software update, and keep your devices upto date.
  • If you still have the issue, do reset all settings. Make sure to back up data on iTunes or on the iCloud and then perform restore. You can speak with our UK Apple Support team for more details on this. We assure you the best service in least time.

Safari can’t find the server, unable to reach or connect to any websites, Contact UK Apple Support

Both Mac and the mobile (iPad, iPhone and iPod) users could have the same issue. Here are some of things you should know if this happens.

  • You devices must be connected to the internet.
  • If you have other devices and they work fine, then the issue got to be with the current one.
  • Hence the first aid would be to restart it once.

So if non of the above steps fix it, talk to Apple Support for best diagnosis. Dial Apple Support phone number UK toll free, round the clock.

iPad iPhone or iPod stuck on the Apple logo, find the reason, ask our Apple Support UK

Apple mobile devices experience these issues due to these factors. 

  • If the software on your Apple device failed to update or installed correctly, so contact UK Apple Support phone number.
  • If your Apple device is missing files responsible for the optimum working condition.
  • Try the soft reset, hold the power and home button together until it restarts. You can wait to see if things are in place, else move on to the next step. The next step would to do the restore using iTunes. Contact our UK Apple Support team for best suggestions.

How to update iTunes, Install Updates or fix the corrupted iTunes, check with Apple UK Support

For windows computers to have the latest copy, the minimum requirement is Windows 7. Hence you need to upgrade your operating system to either Windows 7 or above. Our Apple Support experts can help you with the install and update. Hence please talk to our Apple Support UK toll-free. If you are a Mac user, the minimum version should be OS X Yosemite, which is 10.10.5. So just in case if you are not sure what to do, all our UK Apple Support phone number.

iTunes error is mostly due to corrupted iTunes library or program files, so a simple repair could fix this issue. Discuss your issues with our Apple Support team and resolve the issues without putting so much effort. If you wish to reinstall your iTunes, follow this step. Go to the control panel, then open add or remove programs or similar option in a later version of Windows. In the list of installed programs, check for iTunes, select and click repair. If are you are new to the Apple iTunes, and want to install new copy go to this link( So if nothing works and you have no clue what to do, then talk to our Apple Support UK now.

Best way to authorise your PC or Mac for iTunes purchases talk to Apple Support experts

New user or signing into the iTunes for the first time, this is what you need to do. Mac users at the very top left side of the screen click the account tab and choose authorise. You may need to login into the account. Afterward, click on the account and go to authorisation, click authorise. Because these settings change time to time, hence talk to Apple Support.Apple Support

Here is how to Sync your Apple devices with PC or Mac without losing its content

Our Apple Support team suggests you follow the steps below.

Because you are syncing the device with iTunes for the first time, make the back up manually. So for backing up the pictures and videos on a Mac, follow these steps.

Open image capture from applications, the plug your iPad, iPhone or iPod to the computer. Just in case if you have iTunes opened please close it. On the top left side you will find the devices you need to import data from. So click the device and the very bottom you find options to import. Furthermore, contact Apple Support team for more information. Transferring music to a computer for the first time could be an issue. Therefore we suggest you contact our Apple Support care for better support.

Unable to connect to the iTunes, find the possible reason with our Apple Support. Firewall, security software or corrupted iTunes files could cause this issues, hence reinstall a new copy of iTunes. Speak to a member of our Apple Support to check the right cause of this trouble.