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Apple Help – Here is how to turn off find my iPhone (on iPad, iPhone & iPod), get Apple Support

Most common reasons why you need to turn off find my iPhone on devices like iPad, iPhone & iPod.

  • It has gone for repair due to hardware, other damaged issues or screen replacements.
  • You are selling your iOS devices, or wanted to be signed in with other Apple id or password.
  • Due to some reason, you no longer need tracking to be on.
  • Activation lock causing activation issues, for more help check with our Apple support help.
  • Need to do factory restore using iTunes due to the iOS issues and other software failure.

So there are many ways you can turn off find my iPhone on your Apple devices. If you are an iPhone, iPad or iPod user and you know the Apple id( which is either your current email address or an iCloud email address), which is registered as an Apple id, follow these steps.

Using PC or Mac on a web browser ( safari, chrome, firefox, opera, internet explorer or edge).

Step-1   Login to sign in with your Apple id and the password.         Apple Help



Step-2    This windows shows up if you have two factor authentication enabled, follow the screen instructions. In case, if you have difficulty getting verification code, simple click on “find my iPhone icon on the bottom left side on this window.       Apple Support



step-3       Once you logged in click on find my iPhone icon, then move the the next step.     Apple Help



Step-4        Depends on how many Apple devices you have with the particular Apple id, they will appear here. Also some of them might show offline, if they are not connected to the internet. This page also gives you the option to erase the devices. All you .Apple Support


Step-5         Once you clicked on the device, on the right side this is how it might appear, now you either click erase or  for other actions.   Apple Support



Step-6      At the top of the page when you click on all devices this is how it would come up, click on the X to the right to remove it from the account.      Apple Support



Step-7     At last confirm the removal or deletion.       Apple Support



Turning off find my iPhone on iOS 10.2 or earlier

In order to turn of find my iPhone on devices running iOS 10.2 or earlier, tap settings, scroll down, click on iCloud, on the next page tap on find my iPhone.


Apple Support



Step-9           Apple Support




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Since our support team has already provided thousands of resolutions, hence we can help resolve your’s. We also understand how frustrating it would be to stay in those long queues. Hence we have made our Online Support convenient and easy to connect. We have also covered the wide range of most common issues, check below for a quick assistance.

Perfect Time Machine backup and restore Help , discuss with our Apple Help

Apple Help

There are several factors which can force you to go for a time machine restore, here are examples.

  • A recent change due to the upgrade or the update caused unexpected issues, speak to out Apple Helpline.
  • New interface you don’t feel comfortable navigating around.
  • Any sudden change or the malfunctioning in the Safari, Mail, Printer and many more. So avail the perfect UK Support today.

Backups going to the Time Capsule, you need to ensure your wifi is connected via airport. For backups to the external hard drive, please ensure to plug it in. We have mentioned the steps how to do the restore below. Ask your questions with an expert advisor.

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