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iPad Support and Help, discuss your iPad issues and get instant resolutions. Technical Steps below also cover the troubleshooting for iPhone and the iPod touch.

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Due to the recent system changes, after you update the iPad, it may ask for the activation. Which is why you must know the Apple Id and the password to complete the process. Now for the users who fairly know Apple devices, its easy for them to sign in and complete the process. Our Apple Support team can assist you with the activation lock, hence contact an iPad support expert. Did you know that your email address is the Apple ID? and if you don’t know the password head to(iforgot.apple.com).

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iPad disable, locked out, or stuck on the Apple logo ask iPad Support

We understand how frustrating it is, especially when your iPad is stuck on the Apple logo, disabled or locked out. The most simple answer to this question is the incorrect login attempts, or a faulty software. Other reasons are fail to download the update files, or the operating system failure. No worries check the following perfect steps to overcome this issue.iPad Support

So if your iPad is disabled, connect to the PC or Mac and do the restore

Talk to our iPad Support team for more help on restore process. Please note that you will lose all of the data, since there is no way to save them. Apple offers 5 GB of free storage on the iCloud, so if you are lucky enough, it would have gone to there. Since there are no other options, but to restore using the iTunes. Once the restore is done, on the set up page check if you have an option to restore from the backup. There is another hope though, only if you plugged in to the computer earlier, with the iTunes installed on it. Not sure of how this works, check with our Apple iPad Support experts.

  • So to start the process of restore, please update iTunes to the latest software. If you are a windows user, goto (itunes.com/download) and install the latest iTunes. In case if you already have iTunes installed, open iTunes and click on the help tab then go to check for updates.
  • Due to the new updates, widows users would need at least windows 7 and above.

iPad Support

Complete the iPad restore process

  1. Last step is to plug the iPad with the computer and do the restore. Hold the power power button and the home button together after you connect with the PC or Mac. Once you see the Apple logo let go the power button but continue to hold the home button. In a few seconds you will see the iTunes with USB lead. And on the computer screen an option to restore the iPad. Here you just need to follow the screen instructions.
  2. Since the iPad software is more than a Gig it could take up to several minutes to an hour. So please be patient, once the software is downloaded you may need to put the iPad in recovery mode again. Find more on recovery mode to restore the iPad quickly, talk to our iPad Support experts.
  3. Hopefully once the restore process completes, follow the onscreen set up process.

iPad Support for software restore, failure, error and there factors

  • So if you don’t have genuine lead from Apple, or if the lead is faulty.
  • Your computer firewall has blocked the restore process to complete.
  • Also the copy of iTunes may not be upto date.
  • Plug the USB lead to a different USB port and try the restore process again.
  • Reinstall iTunes, then restart the computer and try again, talk to an iPad Support experts.
  • Any recent cause of hardware failure of the device, could stop it from restore.
  • Hence in this case we advise you to check with our Apple iPad Support team.

Fix email issues, such as BT, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, AOL, talk to iPad Support

Because of a faulty internet connection emails won’t work, so ensure that your internet is up and running. Let an iPad Support specialist help you find the real cause quickly. If you recently changed your email password, so update the iPad with the current one.

Now if you are someone who uses the above default email address delete the account in settings and add again. iPad Support

Best Steps to Fix iPad email issues, talk to iPad Support

  1. Check to verify if the iPad is connected to the working wifi.
  2. And to confirm this, open safari and try browsing some of the websites.
  3. So for IMAP based and other common accounts, delete and add them again, don’t forget to save.
  4. Restart the iPad by holding the power button, and send test to check again. Speak to our iPad Support help team for details.
  5. The best way to check if it is working OK, is to send a test email to yourself.
  6. Do a soft reset, and before you do this, please make sure the charging lead is not plugged in. Get live help from our iPad Support team.
  7. Hence to make the job lot easier discuss with an iPad support advisors.

More iPad Support and email troubleshooting

  1. Before you do reset all settings, login into a web browser to check if your Email account is running OK.
  2. If you have a PC or Mac, backup your iPad using iTunes and then do reset all settings. Here is how to reset all settings ( settings> general> bottom right > reset> finally tap reset all settings and confirm it).
  3. So just to let you know, reset all settings does not cause any data loss. Though the small changes you will notice in the wallpaper, no passcode and the wifi network. So please join to the wifi, set up the passcode and try sending a new test email again.
  4. If nothing works and you know how to perform the clean restore, do that. If you need our iPad Support help to diagnose the issue and quick tips, contact our Apple iPad Support.

Unresponsive iPad screen, gone totally blank or freezing issues, get iPad Support

Really what causes iPad screen to become unresponsive, ask our iPad Support team. Well actually there are so many factors, lets find the most common ones and the best ways to fix it. So we advise you to check the solutions below carefully.

  • You have too many apps running in the background.
  • One or more apps have before unresponsive, or stopped working, get help from iPad Support.
  • Faulty iPad software or outdated iPad operating system(iOS, for better results check for updates regularly)
  • Other factors are, you do not have enough storage left on the iPad, or you are running any heavy Game.
  • There are times when all you hear is the notification sounds, but the iPad screen is completely black. So ensure that its not plugged into the charging lead, and then do the soft reset.

Quick fix for other iPad glitches, live iPad Support

  • So for the unresponsive screen, try the soft reset. Hold down power and the home button together until you see the Apple LOGO.
  • Back up your iPad to the iCloud, iTunes, PC or Mac for future restore.
  • If your iPad is not the latest or todays generation, try to keep the background apps closed, check out this link.
  • Do reset all settings( settings> general> on the bottom right side click on reset and then choose reset all settings).
  • If the problem still persists, consider doing factory restore. Our iPad Support can find the quick solution this issue, talk to us live.

iPad safari is locked with a warning page or virus alert, talk to our iPad Support

So if you happen to click on a bogus link, advertisement or a website, this may lock safari or other web browsers. Don’t panic, because this is just a small glitch, therefore all you need to do is to clear the history and website data. Hence if you use safari, follow these steps, go-to settings> on the left side click on safari> on the right side all the way down click on clear history and website data. So it should clear any such warning and other alerts. Since your safari syncs history other browsing date with the linked devices, it might appear there as well. We are here to assist you in the best possible way, contact our Apple iPad Support Experts today.

There are so may other issues you need solutions for:

  • iPad battery drains too quickly.
  • iPad heating issues.
  • Your iPad activation lock.
  • Unable to sync music, photos and other data.
  • How to sync iPad to a PC or Mac without losing its content. To discuss more such issues with an iPad Support expert, contact us now.
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