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Our Apple Mac Support team will walk you through with the best steps to fix most of your Mac tech issues. Since we can’t fit all of the Mac problems in one page, so we have mentioned the most common topics. Contact our Apple Mac Support team for more help.

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Mail Set-up and fix, talk to a Apple Mac Support expert

Actually its quit an easy process, to set up your Mac mail. Most of the users seem to have been using, Google, AOL, Yahoo, BT and Outlook. In order to configure mail, you need to have the right credentials( email address and password). Talk to our Apple Support team and find the quick way to set up Mac mail. For common email address, open Mac mail, click on Mail, then click preferences, + sign and choose the right provider, and follow the screen instructions.

Now if you are a user who uses the other POP and IMAP accounts, choose other in the set up. Our Apple Mac Support team can help you with the hassle free configuration. It is also important that you update your new password in the Mac mail. Ask our Apple Mac Support experts for more hint.

Internet Issues? Contact Mac Support

There are so many factors which could stop internet connectivity on the Mac. We have mentioned the most common factors and its steps to diagnose.

  • First of all check if other devices are connecting ok to the current internet. Also try to open different websites to ensure you have the working internet connection. Let our Apple Mac Support team Help you.
  • So before you contact your service provider or start the troubleshooting restart the Mac and the router once, then try again.
  • Afterwards check at the top right corner to see if your Mac is connected to the right network.
  • If this still does not work and the other devices are working fine, delete the current wifi network from the system preferences, and add again.
  • Advanced users try booting the Mac in safeboot, clean cookies and cache and try again. In the system preferences check if the firewall is not blocking the full communication to your Mac.
  • We highly recommend, you talk to our Apple Mac Support team for further diagnose, which is free.

Mac Support

Bugs and safari pop-ups, talk to Apple Mac Support

One of the most concerning issues is to know the dodgy links, because it might give an annoying pop-ups, virus alert or other bogus pages on the screen. Our Apple Mac Support has the best solutions for you. So in case you come across any of these situations don’t panic, rather follow these instructions.

  1.  Save and close other ongoing tasks, click on Apple menu and choose force quit.
  2. Force quit safari and other web browsers.
  3. Hold down the shift key and then open safari. Afterwards on the top left side next to the Apple logo, click on safari and choose either reset safari for older version, or clear history. Finally when you get the option choose all history and clean it.
  4. Run CCleaner and clean cookies, cache, history and temporary files.
  5. You can also choose to run Malwarebytes scan for the Mac. Also Malwarebytes free version should clean those warnings.
  6. Contact our Apple Mac Support Team for deep cleaning and tune-up. Mac Support

Mac Tune-Up and Optimization Get Apple Mac Support

  1. So if you haven’t had your Mac tuned up for a while, run this smart junk cleaner. CCleaner is capable of cleaning most of the Junk files, including cookies, cache, browsing histories and log files. We recommend using the free version, because it does the required job. Since making the Mac clutter-free not only makes it run faster but also provides smooth performance.
  2. If your Mac is old and the chip is not that strong as today’s generations, so our Apple Mac Support advises not to keep too many applications running simultaneously. Now the question is how to find the number of applications running? actually it is easy. All you need to open is force quit, CMD + Option/ ALT the press ESC key once. Finder would need to run all the time, so check how many other applications running. Choose unwanted once to close, because this could make your machine run much faster.

    Advance tune-up and best steps

  3. Furthermore, go to the utilities folder and open disk utility, you need to highlight the Mac HD, click first aid or disk repair.
  4. Restart the Mac in the Safe Boot(turn off your mac, hold the shift key down and turn it on, continue to hold shift key until the login screen). Now log back in and then click on Apple logo and choose restart. Discuss and know the perfect solutions with the Apple Mac Support.

Mac Support OS Upgrade, restore and Reinstall

  • Upgrading Mac OS X is quite and easy job, but before that you must back up your files and data. Now you can back up either using the time Machine or drag and drop to an external hard drive. Open the App store and click on updates, check to see the new Mac OS availability.
  • In case if you did not like the new Mac OS X due to compatibility or other reasons, you may consider rollback. So to do this you must have a time machine back up. So restart the Mac by holding CMD+ R, choose language if required, choose restore from time machine, follow the screen instructions. Dial our Apple Mac Support Helpline for more appropriate solutions.
  • You may also need to perform reinstall of a new copy of Mac OS X due to some of these factors. Either its an issues which can not fixed by troubleshooting. Wifi connection problems, Mac running extremely slow, unable to restart into the login screen etc.
  • Depending on the kind of internet speed, it could take several minutes to couple of hours for Mac os install. As a part of good practice you must back up your Mac regularly. For free advise call Apple Mac Support phone number. Mac Support

Follow these Steps to reinstall Mac OS X

  • Turn off the Mac, hold the Cmd+ R Keys together and press the power button once. Continue to hold the keys(Cmd+R) until you see an option to choose the language or utilities menu. So here you need to decide if this is going to be a clean install or archive and install. Consult one of our Apple Mac Support experts for further assistance.
  • Users who know how to do clean install follow these steps. In the utilities menu choose disk utility, click on Mac HD and erase(use Mac OS extended journaled). Once the disk erase is completed, close this windows and choose reinstall Mac OS X. Please confirm that Mac is connected to the wifi or Ethernet cable prior to the install, call Mac Support team. So like we mentioned earlier depending on the internet speed it would take time. Hence sit back and relax once you have done the necessary steps.
  • If you don’t wish to continue alone, talk to our Mac Support experts.

Mac printing solutions talk to the Mac Support

Looks like you are unable to print either wired or wireless. What do you think might be playing? Well so many factors. Hence ask our Mac Support Team for an easy fix. Fixing printer issues could be tricky, so let us help you resolve this.

Other Mac issues and best solutions

  • Boot Camp configuration, troubleshooting and setup.
  • Time machine and its back up issues.
  • Right use of inbuilt firewall and the right settings.
  • Creating new user profile and giving certain rights to other users.
  • App store connection error and download issues.
  • Photos syncing and iTunes syncing problems.
  • Hardware diagnosis and quick way to replace faulty parts.
  • Other best practices to improve the overall Mac functionality.
  • VMware help and Parallels problems.
  • Apple id, iMessage, FaceTime and safari problems.
  • Java, silver light, flash player, and other addons help.
Mac Support
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